Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Otherwise known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (P.V.F.S.)
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A Treatable And Potentially Curable Disorder Using Conventional Medical Approaches


The ‘Getting Better from CFS-ME’ protocol – how it was developed and why it works.

by Jane Feinmann

Get Well Guidelines

Outlines how to build your own recovery programme on exactly the same structure as that used by Dr Smith’s own patients. It will be of great benefit to patients to engage the help of a ‘buddy’ (GP plus nurse, parent or good friend) to assist in processing the contents of these pages.

Get-Well-Guidelines-Revised-2012 (PDF)


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“Dr Smith got me better by a gradually increasing activity programme (to start with 2 minutes of activity every hour and ending with 25 minutes of activity every hour by which time we all agreed I’d cracked it) plus a course of anti-depressants for six months which sorted out the bad sleep pattern.”

“I’m going to be taking this at a much slower pace than I would have attempted before my CFS!!  We have the wedding planned for May 2003 so I have lots to organise on that front too!  It will be a busy time and a good test of my new health and what I have learnt about how to keep it!”

“I have friend in New Zealand who has suffered for many years and suggested that she try the treatment. She has been on it for a while and I am told has benefited greatly. I am extremely grateful to Dr Smith for putting the info on the net it is so well explained and all makes so much sense.”